Koidra, in partnership with leading U.S. universities, landed $3.77M USDA grant for advanced AI in indoor agriculture.

October 24, 2022
Digital Horticulture

Koidra, in partnership with leading U.S. universities, land $3.77M USDA grant to advance AI tech…

ADVANCEA – Koidra’s cross-institution team in partnership with researchers from Cornell University and Ohio State University–has been awarded a 4-year research grant by USDA to push Decision Support systems for greenhouse control to the next level. 

We are excited to co-lead and work with some of the top scientists in control theory and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in North America. This honor is built on top of our repeated success at the autonomous greenhouse challenges in Europe, and the leading commercial platform that Koidra has already deployed to customers.

The federal research grant is a testament to our commitment to advancing the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology and ensuring the resiliency of the American food production system.

This also marks a historical first in our industry when a commercial startup will conduct research with leading universities in a federally funded government project.

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