Informed Decision Making with Advanced Analytics

Real-time Data-driven Decision Making

Koidra’s Datapilot is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform to improve the operation of real-time data-driven manufacturing processes, empowering operators to optimize production and exceed their goals.

Comprehensive Operational Advanced Analytics

Datapilot enables constant monitoring of vital industry variables and maintain the competitiveness of manufacturing companies.
The high volume of data visualized and organized into a user-friendly dashboard allows facility operators to see trends, patterns, and correlations in a more intuitive way.
Our solution equips manufacturing operations with data insights that lead to higher precision and greater efficiency.

How It Works

Key Features

Intuitive oversight with Advanced Analytics

Real-time data monitoring on an interactive dashboard.

Insightful analytics based on your preferences with customizable data visualizations.

Monitoring overall production and comparing efficiency between different zones on a clean dashboard.

Seamless integration with Data Gateway

Universal sensor compatibility, including wired and wireless sensors.

Integration with most existing PLC/SCADA or legacy control systems.

Quick and easy setup

Better accessibility with Cloud-based Data Management

Unifying data from sensors, legacy systems, and other databases in a secure data storage cloud.

Accessible to real-time and historical data at all time

Single sign-on security ensuring complete ownership over your data

Allowing protection of your critical operations by setting role-based permission levels.

Case studies

We have successfully deployed our comprehensive automation solutions to address various customers problems, across agricultural and manufacturing sectors.
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