Enhance Efficiency for the Energy Industry

Industry Challenges

Lack of advanced data analytics

Energy production generates lots of data but not all operators has advanced analyzing tools to extract learnings from the data.

Scattered operations

Scattered equipment and scattered processes between equipment groups lead to inefficient process integration.

Variable feedstock content

Biomass feedstock is not always uniform, which can make it difficult to burn efficiently compared to other combustion processes that use fossil fuels. This results in suboptimal conversion efficiency.

Weak software – hardware integration

Only a few operators can utilize both hardware and software. CapEx is often the first solution when it comes to optimization.

Koidra Solutions

Koidra’s Intelligent Automation Suite (IAS) is a cutting-edge solution for streamlining and optimizing operations inside energy manufacturing factories.

We offer a comprehensive solution for ORC systems throughout the greenhouse facility.

Autopilot Grow

The high volume of data organized into a user dashboard for visualization fosters the operation of greenhouses.

Autopilot 360

Comprehensive solutions with top-down and bottom-up approaches are allocated to conduct risk assessment and exposure mapping.

Datapilot for Energy Industry


Comprehensive operational advanced analytics

Datapilot streamlines operational data and visualizes them in intuitive dashboards. It offers a holistic view of real-time facility’s condition and performance.

Datapilot empowers you to plan predictive maintenance, adjust energy consumption and emission, and ensure the safety and performance of your machines.

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Autopilot for Energy Industry


Condition-based controls in production

Built on top of Datapilot, Autopilot’s control functions are as user-friendly as Excel formulas, allowing operators to experiment and iteratively discover their machines’ optimal performance levels.

This drives continuous improvement, enhances productivity, and steers towards a fully autonomous system.

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Case Studies

Koidra’s Intelligent Automation for Improved Efficiency at Ayo Biomass

Koidra partnered with Vietnam-based Ayo Biomass to boost its drying and production capacities. Facing diverse feedstock moisture levels and particle sizes, Koidra offered plug-and-play, low-code solutions to dissect data and automize Ayo Biomass’s new drying line.

Enhanced machinery performance

Comprehensive automation solutions

Optimized resource usage

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Case Studies

Discover the impact of our versatile automation solutions, successfully deployed in diverse scenarios.

Koidra’s Intelligent Automation exceeds leading Canadian greenhouse’s production by more than 20%


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Boosting net profit to 27.8%, Koidra won the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, again


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