Invited talks at Grow Executive Summit and NeurIPS

December 2, 2021

Executive Grow Summit On Dec 8, 2021, Kenneth Tran – Koidra’s Founder – will present…

Executive Grow Summit

On Dec 8, 2021, Kenneth Tran – Koidra’s Founder – will present at the Grow Executive Summit in the session

The Path From Automation to Autonomy New forms of automation are transforming the greenhouse space. Are you prepared to move from manual to automated processes? Change is the next normal in the protected ag industry as technology introduces machine vision, AI, deep learning, wireless sensors, and more.

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Abstract of the talk

In a world in which critical resources — water and energy, as well as time, money, and skilled labor — are becoming scarcer while food demand is increasing, it is critically important to explore new technologies to address these barriers. AIoT (AI meets IoT) holds a great promise to disrupt the greenhouse industry, enabling growers to move from intuition to a system of precision agriculture, from manual processes to automated solutions for better yield and resource usage efficiency.

During this presentation, learn from Ken Tran at Koidra about how AI & IoT have been used to transform greenhouses and indoor farms, empowering the growers to make informed decisions to do more with less.


Then on Dec 14th, he will join the industry panel at the workshop “Physical Reasoning and Inductive Biases for the Real World”, part of NeurIPS international machine learning conference

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