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Repeated Wins in the Autonomous
Greenhouse Challenges

Koidra is the leading provider of autonomous growing technology. We won the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenges twice, consistently outperforming both reference expert growers and competing teams.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders

Koidra's solutions are choosen by top commercial greenhouses. Esteemed research institutions and government agencies, including the USDA and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, also recognize and support our cutting-edge technology through research grants.

Industry Challenges

Shortage of Skilled Growers for Greenhouse Operation

The scarcity of skilled labor poses challenges in maintaining productivity and quality standards in greenhouse operation.

Ineffective Use of Sensors for Decision-Making

Growers often struggle with utilizing sensor data, leading to the ill-informed decision-making.

Inconsistent Climate Control Methods

Greenhouses’ complex dynamics and limitations of traditional control systems hinder the climate optimization for plant growth

Suboptimal Yield and High Operating Costs

Farms, regardless of their level of advancement, grapple with the need to maximize yield and minimize operating costs.

Koidra Solutions

Koidra’s Intelligent Automation Suite (IAS) is a cutting-edge solution for streamlining and optimizing greenhouse operation with a focus on increasing yield and minimizing costs through a tiered approach, offering three innovative products.

We offer a comprehensive solution for ORC systems throughout the greenhouse facility.

Autopilot Grow

The high volume of data organized into a user dashboard for visualization fosters the operation of greenhouses.

Autopilot 360

Comprehensive solutions with top-down and bottom-up approaches are allocated to conduct risk assessment and exposure mapping.


Comprehensive operational advanced analytics

Datapilot is the foundation of Koidra’s technology. It seamlessly integrates with multiple existing climate sensors and systems. Operational data is centralized in an intuitive dashboard.

Datapilot enables greenhouse growers to have complete visibility of plant growth and empowers them to make informed and data-driven decisions.

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Autopilot Grow

Award-winning Intelligent Automation for Growing

Autopilot Grow takes greenhouse automation to the next level with its physics-informed AI technology. The advanced climate control system is built on extensive research and development.

Autopilot Grow offers precision and efficiency to help greenhouse growers optimize plant growth and yield, hence maximize their return on investment.

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Autopilot 360

Revolutionizing greenhouse operations

Autopilot 360, the cutting-edge automation platform, offers a transformative approach to greenhouse operations by providing whole system automation.

Greenhouse growers can experience streamlined operations, improved crop quality, optimal resource allocation, and maximize productivity throughout their operations.

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Case Studies

Discover the impact of our versatile automation solutions, successfully deployed in diverse cases.

Koidra’s Intelligent Automation exceeds leading Canadian greenhouse’s production by more than 20%

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Boosting net profit to 27.8%, Koidra won the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, again

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