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Intelligent Automation

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World-leading intelligent automation solution provider

World-leading intelligent automation solution provider

Koidra helps industrial facilities optimize operations, boost yield, and reduce costs through cutting-edge software-based automation technologies.

With Koidra, you’ll gain access to

Real-time monitoring and analysis of operational data

Proactive smart alerts for issue anticipation and prevention

Streamlined automation to increase yield and reduce costs

Built on years of machine learning research and industrial control expertise, Koidra's innovative products are tailored to transform your operations and amplify your bottom line.

Rated #1 for
Smart Greenhouse Solutions

We are transforming the greenhouse industry with an unparalleled track record of success.

Remarkable achievements in commercial trials, boosting hydroponic cucumber yield by 19.8% and organic eggplant yield by 27.6%

Consecutive victories in the prestigious Autonomous Greenhouses Challenge, surpassing expert growers and boosting net profit to 27.8%

Recipient of grants from USDA and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for groundbreaking research in enhancing crop productivity and sustainability

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Intelligent automation solution

Core solutions

Intelligent automation solution

Advanced Operational Analytics

Unlock the potential of comprehensive operational data, real-time insights, and intuitive cloud-based workflows, enabling your operators to make informed decisions.
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Intelligent automation solution

Intelligent Automation Decisions

Seamlessly shift to KoPilot mode, significantly boost manufacturing yield, and cultivate continuous improvement in operational efficiency.
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Success Stories

We have successfully deployed our comprehensive automation solutions to address various customers problems, across agricultural and manufacturing sectors.
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“The solution that Koidra is offering is very customized to the specific grower. We’ve seen that even internally as we move from range to range. In every space that we go to, they’ve done a great job of being able to roll out their system and find a solution that works well for the setup that we have.”
“Soli Organic is also adopting advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which will allow its indoor farms to run autonomously. These technologies do not replace human growers but rather elevate the complementary strengths of humans and machines. Soli Organic is partnering with AI and Internet of Things (IoT) company Koidra to enable growers to make data-driven decisions using state-of-the-art machine learning.”
“We have worked closely with Koidra on this project and the results so far are very promising. The autonomous growing technology can transform the way we grow crops in greenhouses. By centralizing data from multiple sources and adjusting growing conditions in real-time, we are able to optimize plant growth, fruit production and improve energy efficiency. It’s exciting to witness how this technology is transforming the greenhouse industry. It holds a great potential for future greenhouse crop production”
"Koidra’s dashboard visualizes the plant’s condition and real-time performance, enabling me to monitor it remotely. Thanks to up-to-date insights, I can lead cross-function teams, improve processes in a timely manner, and make data-driven business decisions."

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Intelligent automation solution

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