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Driving informed decision making to improve industrial productivity

Koidra’s Intelligent Automation Suite is a cutting-edge solution for streamlining and optimizing your production operations — with a focus on increasing yield, reducing downtime, cutting energy consumption, and minimizing costs.
Our tiered approach offers increasing value with each product, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.


Advanced Operational Analytics

Real-time data-driven decision making

Improving the operation of real-time data-driven manufacturing processes

Empowering operators to optimize production and exceed their goals.

Comprehensive advanced analytics

Constantly monitoring vital industry variables

Visually analyzing high volume of operational data on an intuitive dashboard

Providing operations with data insights that lead to higher precision and greater efficiency.

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Fast and easy integration with existing PLC/SCADA or legacy control systems

Universal sensor compatibility ensures that our platform can read all industrial sensor types, including wireless sensors

Quick setup time due to our plug-and-play feature

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Intelligent Automation Decisions

Operators-led automation

Production operators and managers are in control, allowing them to advance their automation strategies in a limitless way.

With the advent of low-code development and modern technologies, business users can easily program and evolve their automatable tasks.

Hollistic optimization

Integrate and optimize siloed systems, resulting in optimal performance and improved efficiency.

Real-time visibility into all aspects of a production process, resulting in a more productive, agile, and flexible production facility

Continuously improve production strategies

Enabling the preservation and transfer of production and maintenance knowledge

Fostering collaboration and a culture of continuous improvement among operators and managers

Empowered solution integrators with flexibility and scalibility

Quickly programing and customizing automation solutions, regardless of project complexity.

Reducing deployment time and costs.

Enabling advanced, scalable, and flexible automation solutions.

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The foundation of our system, providing a centralized platform to manage operational data and seamlessly integrate with multiple existing systems. This enables greenhouse growers to have full visibility into their growing.
Datapilot for Horticulture

Food Processing

We offer a comprehensive solution for orchestrating systems and optimizing automation throughout the greenhouse facility. With low-code web-based automation platform at its core, Autopilot 360 streamlines operations and helps you achieve new levels of efficiency and growth.
Datapilot for Food processing

Energy Systems

Efforts for conducting risk assessments and exposure mapping can take many forms with both top-down and bottom-up approaches as well as a hybrid.
Datapilot for Energy systems

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