Leading Provider of
Intelligent Automation Solutions

Leading Provider of Intelligent Automation Solutions

Our Mission
Koidra is the leading provider of intelligent automation solutions. Our mission is to empower manufacturing facilities including high-tech greenhouses, wood pellet plants and food processing factories to meet their production and sustainability goals while keeping costs down.

Our interdisciplinary approach combines machine learning, IoT, Math, Physics, and expert knowledge to enhance operational precision and efficiency beyond human capabilities. Our intelligent automation solutions enable operators to increase their span of control and reduce dependence on human expertise. We make industrial automation smarter, easier to deploy and evolve, hence, more scalable.
About Koidra

Our Founder Story

Dr. Kenneth Tran always has a passion for innovating technology to solve real-world problems. Over 7 years working at Microsoft Research, he specialized in optimal control for industries, using reinforcement learning techniques. In 2017, Tran became interested in indoor agriculture and saw potentials for intelligent automation solutions to transform the industry. Under his leadership, the Microsoft team won the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge 2018.

But it was his personal background that truly motivated the establishment of Koidra. Growing up in a family with a manufacturing background, Tran architected his family-owned wood pellet factory where he encountered challenges of obsolete data analytics and operation technology. That experience drove him to combine world-leading machine learning research and industrial control expertise to create intelligent automation solutions that disrupt the incumbent manufacturing industries. Today, Koidra is a pioneer and leader in this space. Tran’s passion for solving real-world problems continues to push the company forward as he remains committed to using technology to create a better, more sustainable world.

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Our Culture

Koidra’s culture is built upon a foundation of values that drive our actions and relationships. By positioning customers at the forefront of everything we do, we constantly innovate to help them operate more efficiently, sustainably and continuously. Our core principles include transparency, ownership, bias for action, and more.

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Intelligent Automation Simplified

Intelligent automation (IA), fueled by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT), is at the forefront of modern smart manufacturing. It integrates expertise from various disciplines, such as applied physics, machine learning, and distributed software design, to develop a robust, real-time decision system that is both scientifically and data-driven.
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Taxonomy of Koidra's technology

Industrial Process Automation

We are re-designing industrial automation in the era of IoT and cloud computing. Our technology makes industrial automation smarter, easier to deploy and evolve, hence, more scalable.

Physics-Informed Machine Learning

AI on IoT data is at the core of our research to make automation smarter, more efficient and scalable. Our cross-disciplinary technology combines Machine Learning, IoT, and fundamental sciences to enhance digital decision making beyond human capabilities.

Autonomous Growing

We have won back-to-back autonomous greenhouse challenges. We are providing autonomous growing solutions to some of the top greenhouse operators in North America.

Clean Technology

Our efficient growing solution does not only increase yield but also reduces the usage of fertilizer, pesticide and water for each kilogram of produce. It relieves the pressure by traditional farming practices and directs horticulture future towards sustainability.

Back-to-Back Victories in the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenges

Did you know that we are the pioneer and leader of autonomous growing technology? Koidra has triumphed in consecutive Autonomous Greenhouse Challenges, consistently outperforming both the reference expert growers and all competing teams.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders

Our innovative solutions are embraced by top commercial greenhouses, empowering them to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world. Esteemed research institutions and government agencies, including the USDA and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, also recognize and support our cutting-edge technology through research grants.