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What industries do you specialize in?

We specialize in automation solutions for essential industries including Horticulture, Food & Feed, and Energy Optimization.

What is DataPilot?

DataPilot is an IoT platform that provides operators with data insights to improve manufacturing operations. The platform offers universal sensor compatibility, quick setup time, cloud-based data management, advanced analytics, and rule-based alerts.

Data ownership and security are also ensured since clients own their data and the platform supports single-sign-on security. Overall, DataPilot allows operators to achieve higher precision and greater efficiency in manufacturing. Learn more

Can I access my data at any time with DataPilot?

Yes, cloud-based data storage unifies data from sensors, legacy systems, and other relevant databases. DataPilot streamlines both real-time and historical data. Access to your database is enabled at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

What is KoPilot Grow?

KoPilot Grow is an autonomous solution that uses AI and grower expertise to operate greenhouses more efficiently, manage larger production areas and achieve higher yields while minimizing resource usage.

KoPilot Grow has a proven track record of leading the field in autonomous growing technology, winning the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge for two consecutive years. Learn more

What is KoPilot 360?

KoPilot 360 is an all-facility automation platform that offers benefits to both operators and solutions integrators. For operators, it provides operator-led automation, whole-system optimization, institutionalized know-hows, and Kaizen booster, driving continuous improvement.

For solutions integrators, it offers flexibility and scalability, enabling them to reduce time and costs in deploying automation solutions. 

Does Koidra provide on-premise or SaaS solutions?

Koidra provides SaaS solutions, but we can offer on-premise solutions if requested by our customers.

What sensors/hardware does my facility need in order to use Koidra’s products?
  • For DataPilot, it collects data from legacy systems (Priva, iSii, SCADA), no additional hardware needed.
  • For KoPilot Grow, these sensors maybe required:
    • Inside air temperature, relative humidity, CO2, par, leaf temperature, humidity deficit.
    • Outside temperature, relative humidity, radiation, windspeed, raining.
  • For KoPilot 360, it depends on what you want to control. Please get a quote from our experts.


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