Priva and Koidra Announce Innovative Partnership

October 17, 2023
Koidra Priva partnership

Priva and Koidra, two world leaders in greenhouse growing systems, are excited to announce an…

Seamlessly Merging Climate Control and Autonomous Greenhouse Technologies

[Seattle, WA ] – Priva and Koidra, two world leaders in greenhouse growing systems, are excited to announce an innovative new partnership.

This partnership will combine their different strengths in order to accelerate the evolution of autonomous greenhouses, aided by a seamless blend of advanced hardware and software to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the greenhouse industry. Priva’s extensive experience and expertise in climate control systems, combined with Koidra’s unrivaled success and advancements in autonomous greenhouse growing, create a formidable force set to revolutionize the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector.

Although Priva and Koidra operate in the same sphere, their services are complementary. Koidra, with its leading-edge solutions like DataPilot and KoPilot, enhances Priva’s comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions, resulting in an enriched offering for customers.

Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva, says, “We are thrilled to partner with a company of Koidra’s caliber. At Priva, we believe in offering our customers access to the most innovative and relevant technologies. We are steadfast in our belief that the future of horticulture lies in increased flexibility, integration, and collaboration. Together, we aim to provide an integrated solution of top-tier technologies to help our customers navigate the increasingly complex demands of modern horticulture.”

Priva and Koidra

Koidra’s unparalleled track records in autonomous greenhouse growing, with consistent victories in the Autonomous Greenhouses Challenge and notable commercial trials with yield increases surpassing 20%, stand as a testament to their proficiency and commitment to revolutionizing the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector. Their software, combined with Priva’s hardware, offers an unmatched solution in the market.

The integration between Priva’s ecosystem and Koidra’s innovative intelligent automation software will create a solution unlike any other in the market. Prins adds, “With this partnership, all customers using Priva process computers can be assured of a robust solution where Priva’s process computer, cloud services, and API-connections are smoothly integrated with Koidra’s intelligent automation solutions. The customer’s data is completely secure and used for their exclusive benefit.”

Prins continues, “Our priority is always our customers’ value. We are committed to creating the ideal climate for horticulture specialists and entrepreneurs worldwide to grow strategically. Digitalization and data unlock potential far beyond what we could develop alone. Working with partners like Koidra allows us to tap into this potential and deliver unparalleled value. Our combined efforts will lead us step-by-step towards predictive cultivation, fostering a sustainable, connected, and collaborative future.”

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About Priva

Priva (De Lier, The Netherlands,) offers world-leading climate and process control systems that can accommodate tomorrow’s changes. Collaborating with new partners, growing new crops and supporting innovation in production and distribution has been Priva’s forte for 65 years.

Priva helps customers to grow today with scalable solutions and in the future, to work towards shared goals like food-producing cities. So that every grower – and even the world at large – can flourish within a wide variety of sustainable, connected and collaborative futures. Creating the right climate for growth.

About Koidra

Koidra Inc. is an autonomous control company whose software aids growers in boosting yields, reducing resources, and promoting sustainable agriculture. The software works with all existing climate computers.

Koidra achieved consecutive wins in the prestigious Autonomous Greenhouse Challenges (AGC) by Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. Outperforming experienced cultivators, the company achieved unparalleled yields through its AI solutions.

Koidra has secured grants from esteemed bodies, including the USDA, for its innovative work. By integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and expert insight, the company has developed advanced and robust tools. These tools empower growers and manufacturers to realize production and sustainability goals while minimizing costs.

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