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At Koidra, we level up agricultural sector through intelligent automation, and we understand the critical role consultants play in this transformation. Our achievements are not just our success stories. They are evidence of the potential we offer to elevate your consultancy.
Leading with Innovation: The Autonomous Greenhouses Challenge Victories

We have consistently proven our prowess in smart climate control, clinching consecutive victories in the Autonomous Greenhouses Challenge. This isn’t just a win for us; it’s a demonstration of the cutting-edge technology you can harness to drive exceptional results for your clients. Our advanced analytics and control systems have outperformed expert growers, yielding up to 27% higher profits and establishing a new benchmark in precision agriculture.

Boosting Performance: Proven Yield Increases and Energy Savings

Our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency is evidenced by more than 20% increases in yield and significant energy savings in commercial trials. When you partner with Koidra, you’re equipped to offer solutions that not only optimize but transform agricultural practices, leading to increased profitability and sustainability for your clients.

Advancing Through Research: Collaboration with Leading Institutions

Our collaboration with top research institutions, supported by research grants from entities like the USDA, underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence. We are at the forefront of developing and implementing solutions that enhance crop productivity. By aligning with us, you leverage our research-driven insights and breakthroughs, ensuring your advice is backed by the latest scientific advancements.

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