Autopilot 360

Streamlined Operations, Increased Efficiency, and Improved Crop Quality

Revolutionizing greenhouse operations through whole system automation

Autopilot 360, the cutting-edge automation platform, offers a transformative approach to greenhouse operations by providing whole system automation for a harmonious synergy between climate control systems, boilers, and pack houses.
This integrated solution eliminates the inefficiencies and redundancies that can arise from operating these components independently. Greenhouse growers can experience streamlined operations, improved crop quality, optimal resource allocation, and maximize productivity throughout their operations.

Unparalleled scalability to meet the expansion of autonomous growing

As a greenhouse operation expands, Autopilot 360 can effortlessly handle the integration of a large number of sensors, actuators, and control points, ensuring that the automation system remains comprehensive and robust.
The platform can be easily synchronized across multiple greenhouse sites, enabling growers to manage and control their entire operation from a centralized location. This approach streamlines operations, facilitates consistent decision-making, and ensures uniformity in automation processes across different locations.

How it works

Key Features

Autopilot 360

Whole system integration and optimization

Integration of not only climate control systems but also other essential components such as boilers and pack houses.

Efficiently tracking and operating multiple sites on an intuitive dashboard

Effortlessly handling large volumes of data and performing complex analytics on a comprehensive dashboard.

Autopilot 360

AI-powered autonomous growing

All-time optimal climate steering by simutaneously analyzing climate data and regulating microcontrollers

Rule-based smart alerts with user-friendly formulas

Setting rule-based workflows to make autonomous decisions for optimal yield and resource efficiency

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We have successfully deployed our comprehensive automation solutions to address various customers problems, across agricultural and manufacturing sectors.
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Fusing AI power and growers’ expertises

Autopilot Grow solution is built on top of our IoT platform and smart sensors, which can sense the plant’s demands, hence optimize the inside climate to achieve their full growth and production capacity.

Autopilot Grow

Comprehensive operational advanced analytics

The high volume of data visualized and organized into a user-friendly dashboard allows facility operators to see trends, patterns, and correlations in a more intuitive way.

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