The journey from Microsoft Research to Koidra

The journey from Microsoft Research to Koidra

April 1, 2020
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Prior to founding Koidra, Kenneth Tran had worked extensively at Microsoft Research on real-world reinforcement learning research with applications in data center energy optimization and controlled environment agriculture. Koidra is proud to highlight our founder's earlier accomplishments here.

Microsoft News (02/2018). Kenneth started using AI to solve digital agriculture and sustainable food production in late 2017.
VentureBeat (12/2018). In late 2018, Kenneth led his Sonoma team to win the international Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge. Via this challenge, they - for the first time - demonstrated that AI could grow better than human experts in all categories: yield, resource usage, and profit.
Microsoft Research Blog (12/2018). In this article, Kenneth explained the technical approach that his team used to win the autonomous greenhouse challenge.
Precision Ag's (10/2019).

And if you read Vietnamese:

CafeBiz (12/2018). Trồng dưa leo tự động trong nhà kính, với năng suất vượt trội, hơn cả các chuyên gia nông nghiệp Hà Lan.