About Us

About Us

Koidra, based in Seattle, is a world-leading AIoT-for-industries startup. Our mission is modernizing agriculture, energy, and basic industries, making them smarter and more efficient.

AIoT combines multiple disciplines - such as artificial intelligence, applied physics, and domain knowledges - to transform real-time data into useful decisions. Koidra delivers decision intelligence to clients for improved operational decision making, a top technology trend identified by analyst firm Gartner. Besides operational efficiency gain, Koidra solutions also advance manufacturing businesses on their journey to achieving hyperautomation, another strategic technology trend identified by Gartner.

Our game-changing tech has received multiple awards.

Today’s farms, power plants, factories, and buildings operate much the same as they have for decades — following static hard-coded instructions keeping them frozen in time and even slowly degrading. Automation logic is 99+% hard coded by automation engineers, at the time of project development, following instructions by domain experts at the time. Domains experts such as operators and consultants, who understand their operations the best, frequently have to work manually around the static automation systems as opposed to driving how the automation should be done.

Koidra is challenging this norm by enabling operators and domain experts to be in the driver seat of how the working of the machines should be automated. We equip them with sensors, smart sensors, digital twins, low-code tools, and AI — to supercharge their ability. To understand our company’s thesis better, read

The Evolution of Industries and Automation

Taxonomy of Koidra’s tech

Industrial Automation ✅
AI and IoT ✅
Autonomous Growing
Clean Tech ✅