Automating AI-Powered Digital Decisions


Operators-led automation
Advance system automation strategies without any constraints
Production operators and managers are in control, allowing them to advance their automation strategies in a limitless way without being limited by dead code or interfaces. With the advent of low-code development and other modern software/hardware technologies, business users can now easily program and evolve their automatable tasks.

Hollistic optimization
Integrate and optimize siloed systems in a holistic way for optimal performance

Autopilot provides a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to easily integrate and optimize siloed systems, resulting in optimal performance and improved efficiency. It enables operational streamlining by eliminating demands for manual intervention, reducing downtime and maximizing output.

Autopilot allows operators to have real-time visibility into all aspects of a production process, resulting in a more productive, agile, and flexible production facility able to respond quickly to changes in demand and market conditions.
Process standardization
Enable the preservation and transfer of production and maintenance know-how to make it a company's asset

Operators and managers can preserve and transfer valuable production and maintenance know-how, ensuring that the knowledge remains an asset of the company and is not lost when individual experts retire or leave the company.

Autopilot ensures that companies can build upon the accumulated knowledge of their employees and improve their operations over time. This enables companies to maintain a competitive edge and improve their bottom line.
It also provides a collaborative environment for operators and managers to share their expertise and learn from one another, fosters a culture of continuous improvement and learning, driving the company forward and enabling it to stay ahead of the competition.
Kaizen enabler
Enable operators to iterate and improve control strategies for continuous improvement

The principle of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, is a driving force behind many successful companies. With Autopilot, operators have the tools they need to drive Kaizen and continuously improve their control strategies.Autopilot empowers operators to iterate and experiment with new control strategies, enabling them to optimize production processes and improve yields, efficiency, and competitiveness.

By enabling operators to drive continuous improvement, Autopilot helps companies to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge.

How it works


Autopilot redefines operational efficiency in production plants. Our decision automation platform seamlessly fuses human expertise with advanced analytics and AI, enabling operators to optimize their production and automate operational decision making in ways not possible before.

Autopilot transforms the way production plant operators interact with control systems. Gone are the days of tedious manual adjustments and the constraints of traditional systems.


Operational Decision Making Automation

Automated Setpoints

Navigate the nuances of varying external conditions and optimize setpoints with ease. Autopilot makes adjustments straightforward and effective.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Seamlessly work with and enhance your current systems. Autopilot bridges the gap, bringing your traditional controls into the modern age without a complete system overhaul.

User-Friendly Interface

With a low-code language and intuitive web-based interface, plant operators can further automate and refine controls without a steep learning curve.

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Knowledge Preservation

Transparent Operations

No more black box mysteries. Autopilot’s transparent framework allows insights into the operations, making it easy for everyone to understand, modify, and innovate.

Version Control & Traceability

Ensure that your team’s expertise and adjustments are always documented. Track, manage, and revert changes whenever necessary, ensuring consistency and accountability.

Protect and Build on Knowledge

As your experts move on or retire, Autopilot safeguards their valuable insights, ensuring that the wisdom remains a tangible asset within your organization.

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Kaizen Enabler

Iterative Control Strategy Refinement

Empower your operators to test, learn, and implement new control strategies. Autopilot facilitates a culture of continuous improvement.

Optimized Production Processes

Whether aiming for higher yields, reduced downtime, or streamlined operations, Autopilot is your catalyst for constant growth and better results.

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How it works

Autopilot, akin to our Datapilot, effortlessly aggregates legacy system sensor data into a centralized DataHub, facilitating real-time data monitoring through an advanced dashboard. 

It goes beyond data collection, employing predefined logic rules to calculate setpoints from raw data and autonomously control legacy system’s actuators. 

Moreover, Autopilot serves as a vigilant guardian, issuing rule-based smart alerts to prevent critical conditions, ensuring proactive action and ultimate operational control.

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We have successfully deployed our comprehensive automation solutions to address various customers problems, across agricultural and manufacturing sectors.
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