Unlocking Insights, Wirelessly with AeroLink

About AeroLink

AeroLink unleashes your data’s potential by offering a cutting-edge wireless gateway solution. With AeroLink, we bring you a seamless integration of low-cost, easy-to-install supplemental data, elevating your data analytics capabilities to new heights.

AeroLink empowers you to transform mainstream wired sensors into wireless ones. By leveraging standard industrial protocols, AeroLink enables effortless and wireless installation of off-the-shelf sensors. Say goodbye to the hassles of complicated wiring and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of AeroLink.

Why it matters

    One of the biggest advantages of AeroLink is that it uses wireless technology, therefore, it will cut a vast of deployment and maintenance cost. By leveraging the integration process, AeroLink enables you to collect data effortlessly and efficiently, eliminating the need for complex setup procedures.
    Scalability is another critical aspect of AeroLink. Similar to the highly scalable nature of our successful Opera, AeroLink has been designed with scalability in mind. This means that whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, AeroLink can adapt to your evolving needs, providing you with a solution that grows with your organization.
    It can connect to most sensors through multiple communication protocols, whether they are digital or analog. Our wireless gateway solution provides compatibility with a wide range of sensor types, ensuring that you can seamlessly integrate various data sources into your analytics platform.
    Ease of installation is at the forefront, ensuring that you can quickly set up and integrate AeroLink with your existing systems.

How it works

The supplemental data from the sensor will be collected to the nodes, then to the gateway. The whole process will be transfomed wirelessly with AeroLink solution. From there, the data will be transferred to the Control Center via the IoT Hub.
AeroLink is an add-on to our already powerful Datapilot product. Once Datapilot setup is complete, you can effortlessly integrate AeroLink into your control system. Our intuitive Setup menu in the app ensures a smooth and hassle-free installation of additional sensors powered by AeroLink. This streamlined process guarantees a seamless transition and maximizes the value of your existing investment in Datapilot.
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