Koidra’s Datapilot is an Industrial IoT platform to augment operators of any real-time data-driven manufacturing, helping operators realize and do more than what previously could be done without.

Why it matters

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables constant monitoring of important industry variables (e.g. climate variables for greenhouses) and is indispensable for the continued competitiveness of manufacturing companies. The high volume of data organized into a user-friendly dashboard for visualization allows operators of any industry to see trends, patterns, and correlations that otherwise cannot be made by the naked eye. IoT equips manufacturing operations with data insights that lead to higher precision and greater efficiency.

Fast and easy integration with Data Gateway (IoT Hub)

✅ Universal sensor compatibility; can be set up to read all industrial sensor types, including wireless sensors or mixed wired/wireless sensors

✅ The IoT Hub can be integrated with most existing PLC/SCADA or legacy control systems, with or without existing data exchange interfaces (aka. API)

✅ Quick setup time

Better data accessibility with Cloud-based Data Management

✅ Data from separate sources (sensors, legacy systems, and other databases) are unified in a secure data storage cloud

✅ Both real-time data and unlimited historical data can be accessed 24/7 ✅ Single-sign-on security, and complete ownership of your data

See full picture with Advanced Analytics

✅ Data monitoring and visualization with intuitive interactions

✅ Designed for insights and not raw data. You can display calculations and derivatives from your data on our dashboard. It’s Excel for IoT.

Optimize operational efficiency with Advanced Alerts

✅ Rule-based alerts with simple and user-friendly syntax

✅ Alert history to track the handling of all problems that occurred

Data Ownership and Security

Data ownership. Using Koidra’s IoT Suite platform, you get to own your data. We only manage and secure your IoT data on your behalf. We’re committed to destroying your data if you don’t continue using our platform.

💡 It is a misleading yet common practice that data ownership is frequently ignored in enterprise software contracts. Consequentially, the data is owned by the vendors and not by the clients.

Due to the data ownership policy, your data is kept for unlimited number of years. It’s your data and your data should never get lost or pruned.

Security. We take enterprise software security seriously. Our platform supports Single-Sign-On (SSO) for both Microsoft and Google accounts.