Wireless Gateway

What it is

Wireless Sensor Solution


  • Scalable:
  • ✅ Easy to deploy with very little programming

    ✅ Nodes and gateways are pre-programmed for mainstream devices

  • Simple - Reduces the complexity during installation by eliminating the need for wire.
  • Affordable:
  • ✅ No cable required - Typically, access from sensors to MCU and MCU to Server requires a lengthy amount of wires. This adds cost to the material (CAT6, Network Switch, Conduit) and installation costs. Having a direct connection to the sensor through the use of a gateway and nodes eliminates the need for cabling.

    ✅ No control panel required - Only a single gateway and 1 node per cluster of sensors are needed.

  • Faster Deployment - No electrician or IT expert is needed from the customer. No intervention is needed from Koidra. Growers can deploy each sensor on the field themselves in less than 5 minutes.
  • Low maintenance:
  • ✅ Avoid issues with cable and hardware installation.

    ✅ Battery life for sensor nodes up to 10 years

  • Long-range - CAT6 Cable has a range of 100 meters. Fiber has a range of up to 400 meters, and LoRaWAN has a range of up to 10,000 meters.

Hardware Architecture



  • The separation between node and sensor allows for:
    • Maintain sensor agnostic solution, allowing the customer to pick and place any sensors on their greenhouse.
    • Nodes are typically much cheaper than the sensor itself, if there was an issue at the node, only the node needs to be replaced; the same sensor can be used, potentially lowering the maintenance cost.
  • A conventional wired sensor can be converted to a wireless sensor through the node.
  • Each sensor communicates with the node through Modbus RTU (RS485) 2 Wire protocol.
  • The Modbus RTU protocol allows for multiple sensors to be connected to the same node.
  • The list of preferred sensors with the node can be seen here.
  • The nodes can also accommodate 2 analog sensors (typically Temp/Humidity) if needed.
  • The node is equipped with a solar panel and built-in battery which can operate for up to 10 years continuously.
  • A single gateway can serve up to 1,000 nodes.
  • The gateway is connected to a local network and IoT Hub can interact with the Gateway to extract sensor data or control actuators at the nodes.
  • Gateway

    Koidra LTE
    Solar Panel


    0-10 V4-20 mARS485RS232
    SDI 12
    Koidra SDI-12

Sensor Installation




  • Use Krop Manager App to Scan Gateway QR Code
  • IoT Hub automatically adds the gateway to the Krop Manager Interface

Sensor nodes:

  • Use Krop Manager App to Scan sensor nodes
  • IoT Hub automatically adds sensor nodes to Krop Manager Interface


  • Use Krop Manager to name and choose the sensor location


  • Sensor metrics can be added instantaneously to Krop Manager
  • Users can directly interact with the measured metric

Why it matters

Installation of wired sensors has been one of the main issues for the delay in the deployment of our product where additional sensors are typically required.

Current issues:

  • The high cost of the industrial control panel and its components (RevPi and its modules), wirings (CAT6, Fiber, and Shielded Cable), and other auxiliary components (Network Switch, PoE, Conduits).
  • The need to outsource an electrician for the installation of the additional sensors and control panels adds cost and delay to the project.
  • The installation process of the industrial control panel and sensor typically takes weeks.
  • When a problem with installation arises, troubleshooting typically takes weeks due to the availability of the electrician or onsite IT expert. Troubleshooting may require a scheduled production shutdown which causes further delays in product deployment.
  • The customer prefers to have IoT Suite deployed whenever new sensors (recommended by us) are installed instead of only having the metrics available from their legacy system.