Parnership: Soli Organic and Koidra

Parnership: Soli Organic and Koidra

January 12, 2022
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Soli Organic Inc., the nation's only soil-based, controlled environment agriculture company delivering 100% USDA certified organic produce to more than 20,000 retail stores nationwide, announced its partnership with Koidra. Technology developed by AI and IoT company Koidra will give Soli Organic an additional edge on unit economics and reduce environmental impact by precisely matching inputs with each plant's needs.

We are looking at how we can develop certain plant traits, produce organically, improve nutritional values, and bring out taste. This five-year partnership is well underway, and we’ve already developed a few different genetics together. There are forty different varieties to test and a lot of cool stuff to bring to the market

— Philip Karp, President of Soli Organic (previously Shenandoah Growers)

Further, Soli Organic is partnering with AI and IoT company Koidra to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into its indoor farms. Led by Chief Science Officer and plant physiology expert Tessa Pocock, the company is building its baseline data and algorithms to inform AI-driven systems rooted in crop physiology.

— Tessa Pocock, Chief Scientific Officer