Biomass Boiler Control
Biomass Boiler Control

Biomass Boiler Control

Koidra’s smart boiler control solution adopts two products


for data acquisition and integration with the existing SCADA system


for the programming of a whitebox smart control algorithm

The emergence of IIOT has driven the rapid integration of large equipment management and information, which can effectively solve many contradictions and hidden dangers facing the industry today. We believe that with the continuous improvement of boiler informatization, boiler intelligence will also open a new period of rapid development.

Application of Smart Boiler System

The optimized integration of boiler plant and pipe network is the remote real-time monitoring and management of the operating status of the boiler, the temperature detected by the sensor, the steam pressure, etc., to strengthen the management and control and realize the integration of management and control. It will establish a real-time data center to provide remote diagnosis methods for the technical team.

Through the collection of equipment and sensor data, it supports the optimal ratio of boiler facility management and scheduling options, provides equipment status monitoring, integrates production with equipment assets in real time, establishes complete status monitoring of important equipment, and associates equipment status with production conditions in real time fully reflects the static information and real-time information of the equipment, provides judgment basis for equipment maintenance.