Technical Writer

Koidra, based in Seattle, is a world-leading AIoT-for-industries startup. Our mission is modernizing agriculture, energy, and basic industries, making them smarter and more efficient.

AIoT combines multiple disciplines - such as artificial intelligence, applied physics, and domain knowledges - to transform real-time data into useful decisions. Koidra delivers decision intelligence to clients for improved operational decision making, a top technology trend identified by analyst firm Gartner. Besides operational efficiency gain, Koidra solutions also advance manufacturing businesses on their journey to achieving hyperautomation, another strategic technology trend identified by Gartner.

Our game-changing tech has received multiple awards.


Koidra is seeking an excellent technical writer to assist us with the writing and editing of grant proposals, #datadriven grower book, and other technical articles.


As a technical writer, you

πŸ‘‰ write and edit grant proposals; also seek and evaluate grant opportunities

πŸ‘‰ evolve our #datadriven grower book and write other technical articles

πŸ‘‰ write blog posts and other posts on social media channels to broadcast our thought leadership in the industry

πŸ‘‰ communicate complex information clearly, concisely and accurately, and without relying on jargon

πŸ‘‰ are a key link between researchers, engineers, marketing associates, as well as all the external audience


βœ… PhD degree in greenhouse horticulture or a related area

βœ… 2+ years of professional experience in greenhouse growing

βœ… Quantitative and data driven

βœ… Excellent communications and presentation skills

βœ… You see yourself fitting


βœ… Competitive compensation in a fast-growing startup

βœ… Workstation provided for maximum productivity: large monitors, high-performance laptops, etc.

βœ… Active and agile working environment

βœ… Opportunity to impact the company (and hence the global stage) in big ways