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About Koidra

👉 Bio: AIoT company based in Seattle, founded by an ex-Microsoft researcher and backed by top VCs

👉 Mission

is to transform high-impact industries, … enabling companies to meet sustainability and production goals … by automating AIoT-powered digital decisions

We combine years of world-class machine learning research, industrial automation, and operational management to make products that break through previous barriers of real-time automation. We enable manufacturing companies making better digital decisions and consequentially help them become more efficient and more relevant in the future.

👉 Success: repeated global awards and research grants for its game-changing tech

Koidra’s cross-disciplinary AIoT technology
Koidra’s cross-disciplinary AIoT technology

Read About Us for more information about Koidra, its mission, vision, and technologies.

We are hiring a research program manager. In this role, you will help us manage our research collaboration with academic stakeholders, develop new grant proposals, and maintain our global thought leadership in the industry.


👉 Manage our research collaboration with external researchers. You will be Koidra’s interface with research collaborators.

👉 Manage the relationships with top researchers and develop collaboration opportunities

👉 Develop and write grant proposals

👉 Seek new grant opportunities

👉 Evolve our #datadriven grower book and write other technical articles

👉 Write blog posts and other posts on social media channels to broadcast our thought leadership in the industry


✅ PhD degree in greenhouse horticulture or a related area

✅ 3+ years of professional experience in greenhouse growing

✅ Track record with research and grant funding

✅ Excellent communications and presentation skills

✅ Excellent project management skills

✅ You see yourself fitting


✅ Competitive compensation in a fast-growing startup

✅ Health insurance

✅ Workstation provided for maximum productivity: large monitors, high-performance laptops, etc.

✅ Opportunity to impact the company (and hence the global stage) in big ways

Our global thought leadership

1️⃣ Koidra has won the autonomous greenhouse challenges, back to back. Each time, we outperformed the reference expert growers, who outperformed every other team.

Check out this article about our back-to-back AGC winnings on GeekWire.

2️⃣ Koidra is the only startup in its category that has received U.S. federal as well as Canadian provincial research grants, collaborating with the top scientists for Controlled Environment Agriculture in North America.

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Succes Stories

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