Industrial IoT Applications Engineer

Industrial IoT Applications Engineer

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Koidra, based in Seattle, is a world-leading AIoT-for-manufacturing startup. Our mission is modernizing agriculture, energy, and basic industries, making them smarter and more efficient.

We are reimagining how industrial automation should be done in the ere of Cloud and IoT computing. Check out our recent article on our distruptive industrial IoT tech on

We’re looking to hire industrial IoT applications engineers to help us scale the tech to many clients.

What you will do

👉 Deploy our novel industrial IoT and automation solutions to customers

👉 Consult clients on new sensors that fit their environments and budgets

👉 Research new wireless sensor and gateway solutions

👉 Implement smart control solutions via low-code web interface

👉 Coordinate cross-functionally to insure project meets business objectives and compliance standards


✅ Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Automation, or a related field

✅ Experience with industrial control and deployment of PLC/SCADA systems

✅ Professional experience in embedded programming on platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. ✅ Deep understanding of different types of environmental sensors and protocols

✅ Broad knowledge of electrical instrumentation and devices

✅ Strong programming, debugging, and analytical skills

✅ You see yourself fitting