Technical Recruiter

Technical Recruiter

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About Koidra

👉 Basic: AIoT startup, based in Seattle, founded by an ex Microsoft researcher

👉 Mission: modernize industrial controls and manufacturing with AIoT

We combine years of world-leading machine learning research, of industrial automation, and of manufacturing management to make products that break through previous barriers of automation

👉 Success: received global awards for its game-changing tech

In order to grow, we need more talented engineers and human resources. And we need you, a talented technical recruiter, to help fuel our growth 🚀!

We are hiring a unique truly-technical recruiter position. What does it mean?

👉 You currently are or have been a competent software engineer in the past, for at least 5 years

👉 You switched to this role NOT because you're no longer competitive as a software engineer. You switched to work on technical recruiting because you realize that you can do better than most existing technical recruiters.

👉 You speak the language of 10x software engineers

👉 You can conduct technical interviews

👉 You have a passion for our technology and understand its impact

👉 Because of your engineering nature, you want to do code review and contribute to our code base as well.

👉 You love our company culture, demonstrated at and want to enhance it

👉 You care about talents, working with them, developing them, and empowering them

👉 You're obsessed about raising the bar. You want to hire and develop the best people. Hiring and developing technical talents is now your sport.