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Business Analyst


About Koidra: leading industrial intelligent automation

🚀 Launched by an ex-Microsoft researcher and powered by top VCs, Koidra is revolutionizing the world of industrial automation with its cutting-edge AIoT technology.

💡 Our mission is to transform high-impact industries by enabling companies to meet their sustainability and production goals through AIoT-powered intelligent automation.

💻 With a unique blend of machine learning, physical science, and industrial automation expertise, Koidra is breaking through traditional barriers and empowering companies to make better, more efficient decisions in real-time.

🏆 Our innovative solutions have already earned us global recognition, including awards and research grants, and we're just getting started.


Find out more about Koidra and its game-changing technology by visiting our About Us page.

What you will do

Koidra is looking for a passionate business analyst, working directly with C-Suite Executives. You will help Koidra:

1️⃣ Standardize and automate business processes, helping our #bizdev team run like a machine

2️⃣ Scale its operations, sales, and overall business development

3️⃣ Increase the efficiency of interpersonal and cross-team information flow

4️⃣ Analyze the market, customers, and assist us moving in the right directions


✅ Well-rounded experience in business and operational roles

✅ Excellent information management skills

Bonus: excellent at using Notion and databases. Koidra uses Notion heavily for structured data and information.

✅ Excellent problem solving and analytical skills

✅ Must be highly organized with strong follow-up discipline

✅ Embrace and would like to enhance our culture, more at

Our global thought leadership

1️⃣ Koidra has won the autonomous greenhouse challenges, back to back. Each time, we outperformed the reference expert growers, who outperformed every other team.

Check out this article about our back-to-back AGC winnings on GeekWire.

2️⃣ Koidra is the only startup in its category that has received U.S. federal as well as Canadian provincial research grants, collaborating with the top scientists for Controlled Environment Agriculture in North America.

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