Project Developer (BetaFarms)



As a senior operations manager for a software company, you will:

  • Take responsibility and initiative in smooth running of all business operations
  • Provide effective team and project management duties, including overseeing project implementation and completion and monitoring project costs and timelines
  • Develop and manage the relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Translate business strategies into day to day delivery
  • Assist the development of short- and long-range goals, objectives, and strategic operation plans as needed
  • Provide other support to the team as needed


  • Demonstration of ownership and bias for actions
  • Excellent organizational, leadership, and project management abilities
  • Great project management skills
  • Outstanding communication and people skills
  • Has a strong growth mindset: passionate about learning and acquiring new knowledge
  • Being proactive, trustworthy, authentic
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment


  • Workstation provided for maximum productivity: Thinkpad laptop, 24' Ultrasharp Monitor (can request a larger one), excellent keyboard/mouse, etc
  • Active and agile working environment; flexible time culture
  • Opportunity to impact the company (and hence the global stage) in big ways

About Us

Founded by Kenneth Tran, formerly a Principal Machine Learning Scientist at Microsoft Research (MSR), Koidra's mission is to change the industrial automation industry, applying cutting edge research in AI, IoT, and hybrid cloud+edge computing. Check out some early media coverage about us.

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Send us your resume to [email protected]