Senior IoT & Automation Engineer

Senior IoT & Automation Engineer

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About Koidra

👉 Bio: AIoT company based in Seattle, founded by an ex-Microsoft researcher and backed by top VCs

👉 Mission

is to transform high-impact industries, … enabling companies to meet sustainability and production goals … by automating AIoT-powered digital decisions

We combine years of world-class machine learning research, industrial automation, and operational management to make products that break through previous barriers of real-time automation. We enable manufacturing companies making better digital decisions and consequentially help them become more efficient and more relevant in the future.

👉 Success: repeated global awards and research grants for its game-changing tech

Koidra’s cross-disciplinary AIoT technology
Koidra’s cross-disciplinary AIoT technology

Read About Us for more information about Koidra, its mission, vision, and technologies.

We are disrupting the decade-old industrial automation industry with products such as Industrial IoT Suite and Ωpera. We are reimagining how industrial automation should be done in the ere of Cloud and IoT computing. Check out our recent article on our disruptive industrial IoT tech on


👉 Design and implement the foundational frameworks for our industrial automation, ensuring scalability and easy integration

👉 Implement adapters for connecting sensors/actuators

👉 Deploy for our customers

👉 Write clean, bug-free, and maintainable code

👉 Coordinate cross-functionally to insure project meets business objectives and compliance standards

Tech Stack that we're using

  • Embedded: Raspberry Pi, C++
  • Hub: C#, .NET, python

What skills do I need? 📖

✅ Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Automation, or related fields

✅ 5+ years of professional experience in programming on Linux/Windows embedded devices ✅ Good knowledge on Operating System and OOP

✅ Strong programming, debugging, and analytical skills

✅ Experience in one of the following programming languages: C#, Python , C++

✅ Experience with industrial control and deployment of PLC/SCADA systems is a big plus.

✅ Broad knowledge of electrical instrumentation and devices

✅ You see yourself in our

How to Apply 📩

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