Director of Engineering

Director of Engineering

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About Koidra

👉 Bio: AIoT company based in Seattle, founded by an ex-Microsoft researcher and backed by top VCs

👉 Mission

is to transform high-impact industries, … enabling companies to meet sustainability and production goals … by automating AIoT-powered digital decisions

We combine years of world-class machine learning research, industrial automation, and operational management to make products that break through previous barriers of real-time automation. We enable manufacturing companies making better digital decisions and consequentially help them become more efficient and more relevant in the future.

👉 Success: repeated global awards and research grants for its game-changing tech

Koidra’s cross-disciplinary AIoT technology
Koidra’s cross-disciplinary AIoT technology

Read About Us for more information about Koidra, its mission, vision, and technologies.

For this Director of Engineering position, we don't just hire an employee. We're looking for a partner, with strong ownership and engineering leadership. You will lead and represent our R&D team in Vietnam.

Engineering Leadership

✅ As an engineering leader, you will raise the bar and be a role model for other developers to follow. You can write clean, high-quality, high-performance, and maintainable code

✅ Support test and deployment of new products and features

✅ Review code to hold our code standard to the highest level

Product Leadership

✅ As an engineering manager, you have to make sure we deliver consistently and timely.

✅ Strong ownership: you have a clear vision of our product portfolio, why they exist, how they work together. You treat Koidra's products as your own.

✅ You have good judgments on our priorities, based on customer needs, and can lead the team to align with those priorities

✅ Coordinate cross-functionally to insure project meets business objectives and compliance standards

People Leadership

✅ Earn the respect of our engineers and empower them

✅ Mentor and grow our engineers

✅ Support in recruiting, including sourcing and interviewing candidates

✅ Embrace, Enforce, and Enhance Koidra's culture (

Please checkout our

for more details.


  • You're technically competent and respected by our already-strong engineers
  • Have strong background and track record of success in engineering product development projects across the full product lifecycle from concept to mass production
  • Experience or familiarity with our tech stack
  • Demonstration of ownership, leadership, and bias for actions
  • You fit and embrace our core principles (detailed below)

Koidra's Core Principles

Please read carefully our before applying. We live and breath these principles.