Autopilot Grow

Autonomous Control

Optimal real-time data-driven decision-making is key in maximizing the benefits of greenhouses and indoor farms. λutoPilot is an autonomous farm solution that unifies the power of AI and the grower’s expertise to operate the greenhouses more autonomously and efficiently. The solution enables growers to

1️⃣ manage larger production areas more effectively and provide remote oversight to more than one operation

2️⃣ achieve higher yield while minimizing resource usage, thus improving the economic viability and sustainability of greenhouses and indoor farms.

λutoPilot solution, built on top of our IoT Suite platform and Digital Twin smart sensors, can sense the plant’s needs and responses and hence optimizes the inside climate to achieve the plants’ full growth and production capacity. Its brain is a principled mix of cutting-edge research in multiple disciplines spanning AIoT, machine learning, climate modeling, and crop science.

Did you know that we are the pioneer and leader of the autonomous growing technology? The winning team of the 1st Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, team Sonoma, was led by Dr. Kenneth Tran – Koidra’s Founder. They were the only AI team that outperformed expert Dutch growers in yield and resource use efficiency. After that, Koidra placed first in Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge for the next two consecutive years (2021 and 2022) as Team Koala. We have proven track-record of leading the field and truly improving greenhouse productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

💡 Optimal Plant Control is a multidisciplinary science that requires a multidisciplinary and principled research approach, not AI alone. AI is not magic, and vapor AI claims do not solve real-world problems.